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Poems Are Listed In Alphabetial Order

After A While by Veronica Shoffstall
Angel by Christopher E. Geddings
Antigone by Endrit Agolli
The Army Guy by Spacy Chick
As I Cried Alone by Jorge Velez (URL)
Anticipation by S. A. Oleksy
Apocalypse by hildebrand ong yiu
An Autumn Poem by Stefan Nyberg

Back Before The Sun by Alexandria Nicolette
The Big Church by Ron Loeffler
The Bird and the Muse by Neil S. Davies
Born To Death by Lindsay Ziesmer
The Bottle by Beth Wentz
The boX by Mark Rivas
Brisant Revelations by William F. DeVault

Christmas Time by Leslie de la Haye
Columbine is Broken by Robert Jaunsen(URL)
Coward! by Geoff Avalon
The Crocodile by Tom Barker(URL)

A Dance by Brian Tervo 
A Dark, Confusing Time by Will DeLaney
The Dark Moon by Bob Jackson
"The Darkness Once Again Surrounds Me" by Elizabeth Landuar
Darling by Marija Ringberger
Darling Deceiver by Christine Smith
The Date by Daniel Raymound
A Day at the Beach by Ben Mortensen
The Devil's Temptation by Bill Bridge
Divorce by Tori Larson
The Dream I Dreamt by Nicole Eaton
The Dreaming Tree by Aaron Small
Dreams by Shane
Dove Song by Nicole Robbins

Ease of Dark by Leopold
The Empty by Leslie Smith
Entwine by Faizal

A Fallen Angel by Bob Jackson
Falling Star by Tommy Breaux
Fear of Lonliness. by Susie Kelly
"Fire In a Ring Of Stone" by Anonymous
The Flower by Tom Barker
For Charlen by D.A.Smalley
For you by Diana Infante
From a Mother To Her Son by Amitabh D Sinha

The Gift of Love by Malaysia King
Glass Doors and Orange Peels by Aaron "TOP DOG" Small
Goddess by Justin Castillo
Graciela by branded ong yiu  
Graveyard by Amy Irming
A Guy's Lament by Phillip Tindall 

Hate by Jonathan H. Crouthamel
Hell's Gate by Ilona
Her Tired, Torn, Broken Heart by Kristina Joy Bush
High and Low by Gloria Ionescu
Hopes by Amy Irming

Illusion by Deane Mitchelle L. Soberano 
In The Darkness by Renee
In My Dreams by Elaine Huffman
In Sleep... by Stefan Nyberg
It's Just Me by LaWanda Alicia Johnson

A Journey's End by hildebrand ong yiu     

Lead Me Home by Mary Rose Howard
Life by Tan Eng Hai
life in progress by kates
Little Children In The Rain! by nancy johnson
Long Ago by Bob Jackson
Lost by Bill Bridge

Many Petals Won't Make a Flower by Daniel Schulman
Meanings by Brian Tervo
Men At Their Best by Irene Cavalier
Message to My Darling Enemy by Amanda
Mindreader by Sally Fishawi
Miss Sun by Leslie de la Haye
Modern Tale by Joseph Peart
Moon by Sira Coltrane (URL)
By the Moonlight by Hans Lellelid
The Moth by Tom Barker
My Grandpa Albert by MICHELLE DOWNS
My Little Man by Theresa Sharp 
My Love by Jonathan H. Crouthamel
My Midnight Dream by Daniel Raymond
My Suicide by Pedro de Carvalho

Nature by Edna Throness
The Night Dance by Jennifer Mckee
Nightmare by Leshae Nash
No new dawn by Sebastian Härtel
Numb by Jorge Velez(URL)

Ode To My Son by Francis Lloyd
Of Mirrors by AVIK CHANDA
On a Pale Horse by Leopold
The Old Swing by Len Fouty

The Pale Horse by Bob Jackson
Parting Thoughts by Edahn Small
A Pennsylvanian Winter Night by Sammy Gravano
Phantoms by Kelly Markel
A Pilgrim's Wish by Neil S. Davies
The Playmates by roland coggins

Questions or Answers by Phyllis Mooney

Rape by Rulaar Q
Requiem for a Marriage by eileen petsco
The Runner. by Deborah Ward
Rush by Richard Cowie

Savage Reality by Blair Montesco
The Search by Pedro de Carvalho
Searching For So Long by Sandra Skinner
Sea's Harvest by Mabel Magill
Sharon - A Forbidden Love by Don M
The Silent Cry of the Soldier by Robert W. Drummond
Small Angel Sleeps. by Deborah Ward
Smile by Veerababu Arja
Somewhere Amidst by Alejandra Suarez
A Sonnet in nearly (or hardly) Shakespearian Manner by Severin Rast(URL)
The Storm by Ilona
The Stranger by Pedro de Carvalho
A Strong Soul to Comfort Me by April Dawn
Summer by Stefan Nyberg

Tear by Jonathan Stump
Tears  by Jade Hammer 
Tears Of Blood by Beki Castro
These Things I Do Not Understand by Serena Ounanian
Time by Cliff James
Time Stood Still by Vince Haney
Transgression by Melissa Arrate
The Traveler's Rest by John Yaws aka Gunslinger(URL)

Untitled memories by richard h. velvart

The Walking Dead by Phillip Tindall
A Walk to the Ocean by Adam Homan
War by Andrey Baranovsky
What Do I Say Today by Lindsay Ziesmer
What is Fire... by Timothy R. Wilson         
"What is Fool And What is Fake?" by Sammy Gravano
A Wind Full of Rose by Timothy Homan
Winter Wish by Jane Engelter
The Wish by rrives
With Pride by Leslie de la Haye

Your Name by Anonymous
Your Smiling Face by MICHELLE DOWNS

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