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Nina Gorsky

NINA GORSKY: "In the Mirror of Marble..."

"In the Mirror of Marble..."

(From Juan Ramon Jimenez)
In the mirror of marble,
                    in the space, lilac, green and bright-yellow,
slowly dance 
                    multicolored glasses’ reflections –
the beautiful maidens, 
                    over gold of a camomile’s hallow,
dreamily spell 
                    with the ever-continuous tension.

O’er the ringing long fence,
                    flies the flock of light doves in sky’s brightness;
subtly and long,
                    pours a fountain its azure, soothing;
nudity shines 
                    with the ermine’s unusual whiteness,  
with mallow’s silk
                    and with gold of elaborate muslin.

Women look down 
                    with their eyes lazy, magic and winning,
quietly sink 
                    into warm of the colours around;
and in this mess, 
                    very motley and full of the singing, 
as a strong leitmotif,
                    the sun’s melody proudly sounds.

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, January, 2003

You are here: Home » Russian Poets » Nina Gorsky » "In the Mirror of Marble..."
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