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Konstantin Balmont

Konstantin Balmont


Sin Miedo

If you are a bard, and want to be the winning
And forever crowned by all men with fame,
Pierce their heart with fancies, wonderful and singing,
Cast all your ideas on the passion’s flame.

Had you seen the dagger of the old Toledo?
You wouldn’t see the better, searching the world vast.
On embroidered steel is written ‘Sin miedo’, –
Just be always fearless, master like a cast. 

While molding the white-hot steel of deadly edges, 
They embed in blackness ornaments of gold,
And the living beauty shines through set of ages, –
Beauty of two metals merged at times of old. 

To make your dreams always dazzling with first fire
And your soul – timeless like majestic gods, –
Throw the golden flares into your tunes’ iron, 
Pour the frozen fire into ringing words.

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, August, 2003

You are here: Home » Russian Poets » Konstantin Balmont » Sin Miedo
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