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Robert Service

Robert Service


Dreams Are Best

I just think that dreams are best,
   Just to sit and fancy things;
   Give your gold no acid test,
Try not how your silver rings;
Fancy women pure and good,
   Fancy men upright and true:
   Fortressed in your solitude,
Let Life be a dream to you.

For I think that Truth is all,
   Truth’s a minion of the mind;
   Love’s ideal comes at call;
As ye seek so shall ye find.
But ye must not seek too far;
   Things are never what they seem:
   Let a star be just a star,
And a woman – just a dream.

O you Dreamers proud and pure,
   You have gleaned the sweet of life!
   Golden truth that shall endure
Over pain and doubt and strife.
   I would rather be a fool
      Living in my Paradise,
      Than a leader of a school,
Sadly sane and weary wise.

Yes, I’ll smoke my cigarette,
   Vestured in my garb of dreams,
   And I’ll borrow no regret;
All is gold that golden gleams.
So I’ll charm my solitude
   With the faith that Life is blest,
   Brave and noble, bright and good....
   Oh, I think that dreams are best!

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You are here: Home » British/American Poets » Robert Service » Dreams Are Best
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