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Poems Submitted by Our Readers


The Storm

Thunder rages, clouds are split,
Lightning flashes, sky is lit.
Sound rolls through the darkening night
A boy is huddling, crying in fright.
The dark, dark wood is all around
Nowhere near are people found.
Huddling, afraid, he sits alone
Shivering, chilled right to the bone

And the rain falls
And it hits the ground
Pitter Patter all around
And the boy sits
Alone and far away
As night slips into early day

Not letting up, the storm rages on
As hour by hour, it early dawn
Clouds still cover the raging sky
A wolf howling echoes nearby
His little arms rap little knees
As over and over with God he pleads.
	Let me live to see light of day,
On and on he continues to pray.

Thunder crashes
As it shakes the ground
Rumbling trembles all around
The child shakes
Wishing it would go away
With a hope for light of day

Bit by bit, the rain slows down
Lights flicker in the distant town
Stars appear and speckle the sky
The sun can be see rising nearby
In beginning of day, stillness takes over
As the boy still shivers and huddles for cover
Suddenly he hears very close and happy cries
He turns around and looks into his mother eyes


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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » The Storm
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