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Poems Submitted by Our Readers

Alejandra Suarez: SOMEWHERE AMIDST

Somewhere Amidst

Somewhere amidst the pain, the fear, the regret and the sorrow
He sat by my side and showed me tomorrow.
He held my hand so strong, a glare a smile
And a lesson on what makes life worthwhile.

He said, “girl why are you crying,
You’re not in pain not hurt nor dying,
Surrounded by the fears of friends and foes
You’re sinking in unnecessary woes.”

I said, “sir, I cry not, I weep
My life, my love my hope, I cannot keep
For there’s a world outside so full of pain,
That all my life just seems in vain

“I try to be, to love, to hope,
And then reality straps me in her rope,
It says, girl you know not of what the world can do,
How little it cares or needs of you. 

“I turn my head and close my eyes,
I breathe and weep amid their sighs,
I look around and hold back tears
In a lonesome world that’s full of fears.

“I feel alone, unable and afraid,
To change the world, to give them aid,
Those who are so lost, so gone,  so hurt,
They just look up to me from dirt.

“And now, right here I sit and wait,
to find my life, my love, my mate,
to help me walk this shattered road, to tell me were to go
and the summer becomes winter and the sunshine becomes snow,

“Oh marvelous stranger tell me your story,
is it of love, of hate or pain or glory?
What brings you back after so long,
Do you know a world were life’s  a song?”

He smiled and slowly turned his head,
He tightened his grip and in his eyes I read,
What life had brought to him, what he had given,
This stranger, this angel, this dove, this raven.

He knew not what to say,
Ha sat there smiled, and held me till this day, 
But now I know that life has meaning,
‘cause through his hand I got that feeling. 

Alejandra Suarez

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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » Somewhere Amidst
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