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Poems Submitted by Our Readers


Sharon - A Forbidden Love

When I was Younger, I thought I knew,
All of life’s answers, and how to be true.
Of people and love I knew the ins and outs.
And in that ignorance, made decisions without doubts.

The decisions I made where not all wrong,
Indeed, most of them helped me along.
But all the answers, I did not know
And have made mistakes that surely show.

I walked along the pathway of life
Unaware of the coming pain and strife.
At one of life’s biggest hurdles, did I stumble
And ever since then, I have had to be humble.

Yet from that mistake emerged a bright light
Which I will honour, and, for always will fight.
Till now it was that light, that has sustained,
Any reason, for love and life to be maintained. 

Then I was older, and You came along,
And breathed new life, like a beautiful song.
The emotions and feelings that I thought dead
Have awoken, and become stronger instead.

What is wrong, what is right and what can be shared?
These are the questions constantly in my head.
Of one thing I am sure,
My love for You is very pure.

I have listened to what society has taught
And to these things, everyday I give thought.
Yet we pass this way one time only,
And I don’t want to spend it being lonely.

When that light shines in it’s own direction,
And no longer needs my undivided affection,
Will I be standing alone and sad?
Or will You be there to make me happy and glad?

I know You will understand when I say,
That although the price may be high to pay,
You and I will find a way.

Don M

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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » Sharon - A Forbidden Love
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