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Brian Tervo: MEANINGS


Sometimes life's meaning is only meant for one person,
Where wonder and imagination take over and encompass their thoughts and dreams,
As a lonely individual with a big heart because there's no one to share it with,
And the dreams are hopeless, manifested from pure hope and no expectation,
Meaningless, cold, and sad

The person wanders alone in life with no direction,
But they are content, knowing no responsibilities and fashions,
Just knowing themselves and being content with who they are,
Everything they do means the world to them, because they need not grasp
Any outside experiences

Then there is the meaning of life meant for two people,
Where happiness meets no ends and knows no bounds,
It’s a message, Heaven sent and meant from faith and hope,
They feel love for the first and only time for the rest of their lives, 
Because it's never-ending

This love they experience takes them on a journey far away,
Never to return again, but they only home they know is when they're together,
Kissing, touching, and feeling emotion that's more powerful than the supernatural,
More hopeful than one person's thoughts and dreams,
And more meaningful than life

BMT '99

Brian Tervo

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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » Meanings
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