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A Fallen Angel

She sat cross legged, staring  empty across the bar
Her smile was false and without any thought
Behind her, blinked a sign that said Lone Star
Again that  smile, as she raised the beer I bought.

Her lonely blue eyes were cold, dark and empty
Heavy makeup was caked on her aging face,
Mascara streaks, from tears you could no longer see
A scarf tied around her neck in careless haste.

A comb held her blond hair high on one side
The dress she wore was old, but of soft red silk
Once a real lady, a fact the booze could not hide
She sat like a princess, drinking high tea and milk.

What had started her down this lonely road of life?
Why would she take her love in one night stands ?                       
Was it a lost love who refused to make her a wife?
Could this turn her life, taking love where she can?

I smiled, tipped my cap and waved across the bar.
I paid the tab, watched for a second, and left alone.
I wondered what would happen, had she gone too far?
Tonight, would some drunk take this fallen angel home?

Would tomorrow morning find her crying all alone?
Had memories again found her, will she be back again?
Where beer and false promises make this place a home.
Where a poor  fallen angel can find peace and a friend.

Bob Jackson

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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » A Fallen Angel
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