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Poems Submitted by Our Readers



Don't look at me with all your sorrow
Don't fear for the cause of my plight
For if I learn we'll die tomorrow
I'll make sure we'll both live tonight

I'll hold you close to me like a baby
And rock you while the world fades to night
I'd beg you for ever and ever to stay with me
I could die with you and still feel all right

With our bodies entwined, I could touch the sky
We'd soar to the heavens above
We'll climb the highest mountain and back in no time
While together making sweet love

Slowly, we descend from our trip to the stars
As we lie here together in bed
I could hold you forever like this in my arms
Without a care for the things people said

After all my searching, I feel it's now over
It seems you may well be the one
Your warmth remains when the nights turn colder
Your love's always second to none

Will I forever be here by your side
No matter how much you weep
Or will I be remembered as the one reason why
You cry in remembrance of me

Of all of these answers none do I know
And are always a mystery to me
But one thing I do, when I'm all alone
You'll linger in my fantasy


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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » Entwine
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