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Poems Submitted by Our Readers

Brian Tervo: A DANCE

A Dance

Let me ask you for the grace of your hand,
The touch of your fingertips, and palm over mine
Seems to be too sweet of a memory to hold onto
The sweetness lasts for a breath or two,
And breathing is hard enough when you're around
But the memory will last forever, 
And so will your beauty,
For a second, I was breathless, like before
Dancing in circles and clouds
With you in my arms, and a fire in my heart

Your glossy eyes are swimming around me as I look down into them,
Everything seems to be perfect, with a doubtless intension
Mirrored reflections shine watching eyes upon us, 
The crowd gazing on a couple,
So flawless, 
So inspiring,
So alluring,
Amorousness is made to look easy with us

The magical air is drawn into our lungs,
Our bodies swirling in motion with the music,
Drenching us in sound of serenity,
Dreams are closing in, lunging for us,
Making us believe that existence doesn't matter, 
But emotion does.

Then we're suddenly let loose,
A break in the air causes or bodies to freeze,
Feeling hot and cold all at the same time
A mixture too thick for heart's content,
And from the dreams we are tossed,
Back to reality, where our fingertips 
Glide to separation, and breath regains
With ease

Brian Tervo

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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » A Dance
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