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Poems Submitted by Our Readers

Alexandria Nicolette: BACK BEFORE THE SUN

Back Before The Sun

At midtime of night, on a saturday eve,
A lonely heart sat thinking, A soul that didn’t believe.
His heart ache had wounded him, drove him insane,
One heart to break, but so much pain.
He told her, if she wanted him, to find her way home,
But never did she listen, he greives by her tomb.
A sepulchre, invisable, to those who could not understand,
The distance between , the two hearts of them, the wild woman, the lonely man.
Though dead she was not, her grave he had seen.
Is it all over yet? he said, Tell me its just a dream.
Tell me she didn’t leave me, that she’s still here.
The cold winds blew his hair, his saddend eyes shed a tear.
Why am I alone? he cried How did I push her away?
He sat on the high mountain rock, praying for the new day.
His heart, still in her hands, as will it forever be.
Six lonely words, he cried that  night. Why art thou, here with me?
In the distance, a woman appears, 
Her head in her hands, crying sweet tears.
Why did I leave him, how wrong could I be?
My one true love, why couldn’t I see?
Why didn’t I know, how much I loved him then?
He’s probably moved on, fallen in love again.
Beyond her hands she peers, seeing a familliar smile.
For her words did he hear, and waited all the while.
Together, they are again, inlove and truely one.
He whispered to himself, she came back before the sun.

Alexandria Nicolette

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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » Back Before The Sun
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