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Attention: We currently do not accept any poem submissions. We are in the process of redesigning the website, and will resume poem submissions in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to post your poems on our Forums.
Please read:
  • Poetry Lovers' Page reserves the right to choose which poems to post.
  • Poetry Lovers' Page is the only place where we will publish submitted poems.
  • Once you submit the poems and we post them on Poetry Lovers' Page, you will not ask us to remove them from this site at any point in the future.
  • By submitting poems to us you guarantee that you have personally written them by yourself.
  • If you have written a lot of poetry, please do not send us all your poems -- two or three of your poems, which you consider to be the best will be sufficient. We also suggest that you copyright your poems before you submit them. You can copyright your poems over the Internet at National Creativity Registry.
  • If the poems you have submitted are copyrighted, please indicate so in the Any Additional Comments You Have field along with the copyright date, so that we could post a copyright sign along with your poem.
  • Do not seek any kind of payments from us for publishing your poems. Poem submission is voluntary -- if you think you will want to make money some time in the future on the poems you are about to submit, do not submit them.
  • We will not going to alter your poems in any manner. We will publish the poems exactly the way you submit them to us. This means that you have to check your poems for spelling and any other types of errors before you submit them.
  • Please don't ask us for our personal opinions on your poems. If we decide to post a poem, that means we like it (however, if we decide not to post, it might mean that even though we like the poem, we don't think it is appropriat to post it on this poetry web site).
  • You will be notified via E-mail if the poems you have submitted past the test and have been posted on this web site. For this reason, please make sure you specify a valid E-mail address; otherwise, there will be no way for use to let you know that you are a good poet.

Now, if you agree with the above statements, please procede!

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Total Number of Poems Submitted: 824
Number of Them Posted: 134

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