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Marina Tsvetaeva

Marina Tsvetaeva

(Born 1892, Died 1941)

(Translations from Russian)

Marina Tsvetaeva published her first verse in 1911, wrote poems between 1918 and 1920 in praise of the White armies and their fight against Bolshevism, and produced the greater part of her work in Western Europe, where she emigrated in 1922. Her poetry of whirling and staccato rhythms is uneven in quality, but forceful and original. She returned to Russia in 1939 and committed suicide two years later.

From "The Heritage of Russian Verse," by Dimitri Obolensky

"And Now, Loading the Camel's Hump"
"And There's No Grave…"
"As the Hand on Left With..."

"Every Verse is a Child of Love"

"From Mirror's Plane Where..."

"I Bless a Night I Sleep..."
"If Your Soul Was Born..."
"I Had Been Leaving Coast of Misty Albion…"
"I Like That You are Crazy Not With Me…"
"I'll Die at Dawn or Daybreak…"
"I Know the Only Truth…"


"Oh, Table, on Which I Write…"
"O, Tears That in Eyes Freeze…"

"The Poems Mine, Created Early…"

The Seafarer
"The Shrine That was High..."

"There is Some Hour…"
"Two Suns are Cooling..."

"You, Whose Greatcoats Were..."

See other translations of Marina Tsvetaeva's poems by Yevgeny Bonver.

Special thanks to Yevgeny Bonver, Tanya Karshtedt and Dmitry Karshtedt for providing me with unique material for this page (i.e. with their translations of famous poems by Marina Tsvetaeva)

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You are here: Home » Russian Poets » Marina Tsvetaeva
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