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Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

Songs of Travel


I.       The Vagabond
II.      Youth And Love: I.
III.     Youth And Love: II.
IV.      "In Dreams, Unhappy, I Behold..."
V.       "She Rested By the Broken Brook"
VI.      "The Infinite Shining Heavens"
VII.     "Plain As the Glistering Planets..."
VIII.    "To You, Let Snows And Roses"
IX.      "Let Beauty Awake in the Morn From..."
X.       "I Know Not How It is With You"
XI.      "I Will Make You Brooches And..."
XII.     We Have Loved of Yore
XIII.    Matter Triumphans
XIV.     "Bright is the Ring of Words"
XV.      "In the Highlands, in the Country..."
XVI.     "Home No More Home to Me,..."
XVII.    Winter
XVIII.   "The Stormy Evening Closes Now in..."
XIX.     To Dr. Hake
XX.      To...
XXI.     "The Morning Drum-Call on My Eager..."
XXII.    "I Have Trod the Upward And..."


XXIII. "He Hears With Gladdened Heart..." XXIV. "Farewell, Fair Day And Fading Light!" XXV. If This Were Faith XXVI. My Wife XXVII. To the Muse XXVIII. To an Island Princess XXIX. To Kalakaua XXX. To Princess Kaiulani XXXI. To Mother Maryanne XXXII. In Memoriam E. H. XXXIII. To My Wife XXXIV. To My Old Familiars XXXV. "The Tropics Vanish, And Meseems..." XXXVI. To S. C. XXXVII. The House of Tembinoka XXXVIII. The Woodman XXXIX. Tropic Rain XL. An End of Travel XLI. "We Uncommiserate Pass Into..." XLII. "Sing Me a Song of a Lad That..." XLIII. To S. R. Crockett XLIV. Evensong

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You are here: Home » British/American Poets » Robert Louis Stevenson » Songs of Travel
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