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Poems Submitted by Our Readers

Edna Throness: NATURE


Mother  Nature births her children
  Deftly writes creations plan
With the ink of all the ages
  Shapes the sky, and sea, and man;
With the ancient key of knowledge
  Locks the sphere in strict control
Delicately weighs the balance
  Of the cosmic breath and soul.

She is generous in her nurture
  Sprinkling beauty everywhere;
Knows the needs of all her creatures
  Wraps them in her tender care
There's pulsating in her bosom
  At the power of her will
Who would dare to ask a question
  Or to test her wisest skill?

Only man in his presumption
  Seeks to wrest from her - her power
Trys to reinvent her cunning
  In his clumsy homemade bower;
Trys to varigate her patterns
  Alternate existing drives
Which have served to every purpose
  Upon earth - supporting lives

Man would suction to his wounding
  Endless treasures from her womb
And disgard with greed the refuse
 Soon with sludge the world entomb!
He would make her rule a mockery
  Jeer at nature as she reels
And some day he'll reap the judgment
  She inflicts ON HIM WHO STEALS

Edna Throness

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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » Nature
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