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Poems Submitted by Our Readers

Sally Fishawi: MINDREADER


I was alone 
or thats what I thought
until I heard his childish laugh
and then he approached towards me
A thanks he gave me for being she
Naturally I asked she who
he answered she who made all that
and then he began to uncover
I was astonished just to discover
he knew my thoughts my memories and all
my joy and agony my rise and fall
and when he finished I couldnt speak
"dont worry "he said "it was just apeak"
"who are you and what do u do?!"
I asked in a hurry 
and then i heard a true fairy tale
A mindreader for all his life
disclosure of thoughts was his act of life
At first he was like you and me
yet just a bit of curiousity
he kept sinking in peoples souls
reaching their deep , uncovering their holes
Discovering whatever he sees or find
invading simply the privacy of mind
Although it was painfull as hell
to know all that and not to tell
and even so he was so kind
was forced he to abandon behind
people ineed of help and love
and so one day a verdict was made
condemning him to being a spade
A digger inside peoples lives
he offered to help so I asked why
so surely he said" I can see you cry"
"do u want me to read his mind"
he asked with a wicked smile
I told him "u already know the answer to that"
I prefer to love him with a belief inside of
a belief he loves and thinks only of me
so please just leave
and on he went away his way
and right then i saw where his pain stay
inside him was a flood of tears
Now I know ignorance is a bliss

Sally Fishawi

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You are here: Home » Poems Submitted by Our Readers » Mindreader
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