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Mikhail Lermontov

Mikhail Lermontov


Jewish Melody

(From Byron)
My heart is in a gloom. Be fast, Oh bard, be fast!
     There is a harp of gold:
And let your fingers, that on strings are cast,
     Wake sounds of the God's Abode.
And if a cruel fate kills hopes not at once,
      They'll wake up in my poor soul,
And if a drop of tears is, else, in my iced eyes -
      Tears will be melted and will flow.
And let your song be grim and wild. Like my wreath, hard,
      I hate the sounds of mad gladness!
I say to you: I crave for tears, Oh bard,
    Or heart will perish from the sadness.
It was attended with some pain before,
    Was, for a long time, pining, lonesome;
The strike of fate had come - it's now full, therefore,
    As a deathly cup is full with poison.

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, October, 2000
Edited by Dmitry Karshtedt, May, 2001

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You are here: Home » Russian Poets » Mikhail Lermontov » Jewish Melody
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