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Edward Bonver

I am a Software Engineer, and I live in Los Angeles. In 2007 I have received a Master of Science degree from California State University at Northridge. In 1998 I had received my BS in Computer Science degree at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I came to the United States from Riga, Latvia of the former USSR in January, 1990. By September, 1993, I have graduated from Jamesville-DeWitt High School, in Syracuse, NY, and have started my quest for science and computers at RIT. Actually, I was 9 years old, when I have felt my first affection for computers. That has happened when my dad has shown me the Latvian Academy of Sciences, where he was working at the time. The Academy of Sciences was one of those few places in Latvia where one could see a computer, that is only if this one's father was working there. Ever since I have first seen my first computer, there has not been a single day in my life during which I would doubt my destiny of a scientist in the field of computers.

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E-mail: edward@poetryloverspage.com
Beware: I've been getting too much junk E-mail at this address, so I am not checking this mailbox frequently -- I check it once every three years, or so. If you need to contact me, I'm sure you will find another way :-)

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You are here: Home » Edward Bonver
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